Your Business Needs to Get Ready for the Future of Learning

E-learning has become the ubiquitous means of learning in the corporate world, but there is a variety of niche content and specialised providers that can offer education to energise your team.

The online learning we seek out to do ourselves is usually where we are truly engaged. And there are thousands of ways for us to find and consume learning content from a multitude of providers and marketplaces.

Self managed learning is by definition going to be more engaging to you than what you’re told to do by your boss.

So it makes sense to give your people the option to choose how and what they learn.

The benefits to gain from self managed learning creates potential inefficiencies for employers.

How do you keep track of what your people are learning? Your most prolific learners will be consuming education all over the place. You’re missing out on skills they’ve gained if you can’t see what they’re learning.

As we move to a learning environment which is less centralised and less controlled, employers need to give their people choice and have a way of recognising what they learn.

Digital skills combined with real word experience and learning to create a valuable mix of soft assets that can impact your business.

Qintil helps people find learning that’s interesting to them, and enables storing, management and sharing of courses, results, certificates and offline events attendance.

As an employer you can see what you’re people are learning, wherever they’re learning it, as well as providing your own course content.

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