4 Tips to Make Compliance Training Bearable

When it comes to corporate compliance training it is safe to say that the stick rules over the desire to complete the training. When content is filled with technical terms that could send you to snooze mode instantly — you have to consider how compliance training and be improved.

Focusing on engagement, lesson uptake and the general motivation towards this training can be improved by simply trying the 4 tips below. Try them one-by-one to see if there are any improvements in employee willingness to complete the training, how quickly it gets done and what are the general assessment results like — 1 attempt pass? Multi-attempt failures?

Customise TrainingCorporate compliance training is a must for many organisations and industries but that’s not to say that people who complete the training are taking things on board.

One way to keep people from ‘going through the motions’ would be to understand that management has different requirements to admin staff. This probably doesn’t stop here either. With different departments in potentially different locations there’s also going to the element of the who/what/why/how with company information.

For example everyone may need an overview of training for GDPR but someone in IT may need to train to become a Data Protection Officer — which definitely enters a different realm of knowledge and linguistics.

The key take away here is to focus on customised compliance training that is 100% relevant to the individual undertaking the training. If they have to learn something that has no use and never will, they are going to be disgruntled and disengaged, missing out on key learning points during the entire course.
Accessibility is Key

It’s becoming more and more evident that we all want to have the freedom to learn when we want and how we want. Training should be accessible from phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and even with an app.

Course completion and compliance are vital at this point so it pays dividends to give this easy to access to training. Imagine if you have a team of 30 who need to focus on GDPR training yet everything is limited to the number of learning terminals but also working hours.

That sounds like a headache already!


Increase Engagement with Video

via @ClearLessonsA pretty meaningful stat when it comes to learning, even more so for compliance training. Generally filled with legalese and words that few of us know or even understand so it’s safe to say that engagement is lacking and compliance will also be slacking too.There’s nothing wrong with adding humour in either, just ensure that the lessons are clear and easy to understand.As mentioned above, compliance tends to have a lot of wordage that few of us would use in everyday language so it’s likely that large areas of information just won’t stick.Maybe stick enough to ensure everyone is compliant but would the lessons learned be utilised in a real life situation?

Consider micro-learning. Or learning in small doses if you will. This, paired up with videos will drastically help to increase motivation, engagement and pick up key points of the lessons.

If you struggle to think of the length for bite-sized learning, think of the pomodoro-timer technique which revolves around our mental capacity to focus and absorb for around 20 minutes at a time.

Compliance training has the added motivator of fines and legal repercussions so it’s difficult to see how it can be made ‘sexy’. But look beyond the necessity of the training and look to develop courses that are geared towards maximum engagement and information uptake.

The pointers below should help out with making compliance training interesting.

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